A Day in Rabat

by Michael (delayed post)

Rabat was never part of our plan, but it had a good flight connection to Madrid. So we took the bus leaving early in the morning. The train station wouldn’t store baggage (security concerns) but the Hotel Berlin did for a couple dollars. Then we walked around the souks.


Woe is him.

The Rabat souks were in a bit more of a grid than Marrakech or Fes, but you could still get lost. We had another cheap, but tasty lunch and made a third and final attempt at carpet shopping (the subject of another post).

We noticed that the old city walls included a seashell as part of the design. It reminded me of where I am going next: the Camino de Santiago, which uses the seashell as a guide.


City wall with shell reminiscent of the Camino

There is a cute cafe tucked away in the Kasbah of Rabat, between the garden and the river. It was great place to enjoy some tea and admire the many resident cats.


Yes, I think I’ll have another.



The flowers were taller than Elizabeth!

We also took a walk down to the beach. I’m not sure about Elizabeth, but I think I need my fix of ocean every once in a while. We had been inland since Essaouira, and this made me feel calm amidst the crazy of Morocco.


Of course, our airport bus connection didn’t run at the time we thought it did, and we had trouble with check-in for RyanAir, but we made it to Madrid in the evening.

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