Avocado Juice or Lawyer Juice?

by Michael

In Morocco, some fruit juice stands have avocados. And some list avocado juice on the menu — though the menu is typically in French and maybe Arabic, so I can never be sure. But the idea of avocado juice, or maybe even an avocado smoothie, seemed interesting. I wanted to try it.

We sat down at a juice and sweets shop just off of the Souk in Marrakech. Jus d’Avocat was on the menu. Before we ordered, Elizabeth mentioned to me that she thought Avocat was the French word for lawyer. Were we about to order lawyer juice? After some difficulty, Elizabeth placed the order. I didn’t really think Elizabeth had so much trouble with the language that she ordered lawyer juice, but maybe the word was causing the confusion. Anyway, here it is:

Avocat 1.jpg

Apparently we are not the only people confused between lawyers and avocados. Looking at the menu for Bistro Loft, I clicked the button for English. And to my surprise, right there on the menu they had “House Lawyer Shrimp.”

Avocat 2

I tried to use Google to answer my question. It turns out that female lawyers are definitely not avocados. A female lawyer is Avocate, while a male lawyer is Avocat. And an avocado is Avocat.

Avocat 3



Anyway, the smoothie was not terrible, but I’m not ordering one again. The sugar and milk made it work as a milkshake, but avocado works better as a savory food and milkshakes work better with sweet fruit.

One thought on “Avocado Juice or Lawyer Juice?

  1. Love these posts! And I don’t know what you’re talking about–Avocado juice was one of my favorites in Morocco.


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