Hiking the MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong

by Michael

As regular readers know, we like hiking. Leave us somewhere too long and we find the trails. One of the draws that led us to visit Hong Kong was the allure of lots of easy to access hiking trails and we had looked into the 100 kilometer MacLehose Trail but figured it would was too long for us to do without our full camping gear. The trail runs east-west across the Kowloon Peninsula, with view of islands, ports and cities.


The trail is officially divided into 10 stages, although not all stages are created equal. We initially set out to only hike stages 1 and 2, and maybe stage 3. While on the first stage, we talked about our schedule and decided that it would work for us to take four days and hike the whole trail. Not having a tent, we would spend all nights in our hotel room(s) in Kowloon, near the Jordan Road MTR station — the downtown-ish area with the cheapest rooms in Hong Kong. We managed to piece together the full trail using transit (and one taxi) to shuttle us back and forth.

Hiking is a great way to see Hong Kong for what it is — dense city and beautiful countryside, with mountains and valleys, islands and coves. The MacLehose Trail makes you work by gaining and dropping a lot of elevation, but it rewards hikers with a variety of superb views.

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