Days 96-97: Klamath River Zeros

July 22-23, 2017

What a great trail-cation we had! I feel so lucky to have people in my life that are willing to go so far out of their way to treat us to a great weekend away from the trail!

My home for two nights!

I slept in on Saturday until 6:30! Crazy that I consider that to be sleeping in these days. We had a fun filled day with lots of food (including a faro and veggie salad that really hit the spot for this veggie-deprived hiker) and games!

In the daylight, Tom’s place looked pretty awesome. The covered dining area was a great spot to escape the hot sun and socialize (while constantly slipping a cookie or rice crispy treat from a big tub of treats). We were joined for the weekend by Tom’s son and some of his friends. While they slaved away building a rock wall (they claimed it was fun), I sat around taking advantage of the lazy day. Tom had tons of fun camp-related toys too — everything from BB guns and throwing knives, to archery and corn hole. Couldn’t ask for more!

In the afternoon, Michael, Ryan, Sara, Jeff and I decided to try “rafting” down the river. Except it wasn’t a raft per se — more of a circular floaty. It probably wasn’t designed for five adults to ride, but we managed to all fit by sitting around the edge with our backs to each other and our feet hanging off the edge. To navigate we had a single oar. What could go wrong?

A peek at the river running by Tom’s place. I wasn’t dumb enough to bring my phone rafting.

The rafting was relaxing at first. We slowly floated down the river. It was nice and calm. Until it wasn’t. The rapids weren’t big, but we pretty much couldn’t navigate and were a top-heavy, unstable bunch. Michael fell off during the first set of rapids, the rest of us abandoned ship shortly thereafter when we ran into some bushes. We all were back on board for the second set of rapids where we promptly turned over and found ourselves all navigating the rapids on our own.  

I was pushed under water when I fell off the raft and by the time I came back up I was missing my hat (and only barely still had my sunglasses). Somehow Sara ended up with my hat (losing her own), but Michael emerged without his sunglasses. Not that I emerged unscathed. I had a huge scratch across my thigh and a sore foot that I must have bumped into a rock.  

I tried to ignore the pain in my right foot until we got back to shore (we made it!), but it started to hurt pretty badly as I walked back to Tom’s place. Is it bruised? Did I fracture something? The thought has been rushing through my head — will this force me off trail? I immediately started icing my foot, but it continued to hurt all evening. 

At least there were plenty of distractions, including a spirited game of Sabateur. In the evening, the kitchen closed up to provide a backdrop for movie night. We went with a classic: The Goonies. It’s been forever since I saw the movie! By the time it ended (at 11pm!), I was exhausted. That’s way past hiker midnight!

I slept surprisingly well on Saturday night considering I basically couldn’t sleep on my left side due to banged up thigh. I slept it until 8am!! By morning, my foot was still feeling sore, but it wasn’t hurting quite as much when I walked. I still iced it several times and am hoping that it turns out to just be bruised. Speaking of bruised, my thigh is looking spectacular — I have a huge bruise surrounding my scratch!  

We had a pretty relaxed morning as everyone packed up their stuff to leave. We hung out for a while after everyone (but Tom) left to drive back to San Francisco, and then packed up to leave around noon. For the second time this weekend, Tom drove back up to Crater Lake in order to drop us off. This time with a stop at REI in Medford so that Michael could pick up new sunglasses… also a quick stop at Trader Joe’s so that we could pick up some goodies for dinner.

We arrived back at Crater Lake by late afternoon. There’s a new crowd hanging out outside the Manama Store today, with some faces we recognize and others that we don’t. Rumor continues to be that the Rim is covered in snow and that part of it may be closed (or at least the road is closed). They’re advising getting off the Rim trail about halfway through and returning to the PCT via the Lightning Spring Trail. We’re thinking we’ll probably follow this alternate to the alternate — we’ve both been to Crater Lake before, but it would be a shame to walk right by without actually going up to the rim!

We’re camping at the free camping area for PCT hikers and enjoyed the use of a picnic table to eat our spread from Trader Joe’s. Much better than another pasta side!! There are a lot of people here. Which is weird because it feels like we’ve barely seen anyone on trail. Was there a big bubble behind us? Or is this just one of the weird paradoxes of a trail where people hike at roughly the same pace?

There were a lot of Z-pack duplexes set up in the PCT camping area.

I haven’t put my shoes on since hurting my foot, but I’m somewhat optimistic that tomorrow will go well. I’m still a little worried about the pain, but I think it’s getting better. I guess if it hurts a lot we can take another zero to let the swelling go down. Fingers crossed!

I can’t thank Tom enough for hosting us this weekend and driving hours out of his way to pick us up and drop us off. Also, thanks to Ryan, Sara, and Jeff for traveling so far to come visit! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and have a chance to hang out with good friends away from the trail. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

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