Days 17-20: Wedding Zeros

May 4-7, 2017

We’ve spent the last four days traveling to our good friends’ wedding in Washington DC. It was a blast and well worth our hiatus from the trail!  

We were up bright and early on Thursday morning. There went our plans to sleep in! Despite being up early, Ron had already left for work. We packed up our stuff and were out the door by 8am — just as our morning alarm went off.  

More pictures from the awesome vacation rental.

Out at the main road we quickly caught a hitch to breakfast. Our driver was a local wearing low buns on each side of her head — May the Fourth be with you! What a great town.

Yes, I will have whipped cream with my hot chocolate.

Breakfast at Teddy Bear Restaurant was excellent and well worth the hype, even though we opted to splurge instead of ordering the $5 PCT hiker special.

Next up was picking up our rental car and swinging by to say goodbye to Ron. He was so generous to host us and we had an excellent evening with him at the vacation rental he was staying at!

The next three-and-a-half days involved a whirlwind of driving to LA, staying with my aunt and uncle, sorting through our resupply and extra gear that we’d left there, waking up early to fly to D.C., staying with our awesome friends and their kids, baking boozy desserts for an engagement party for another friend, sneaking in an hour at said engagement party before running off for our friends’ wedding, dancing our feet off (not that that took much), and visiting another friend from law school before catching our flight back to LA. Fun but exhausting!

A quick burrito stop at one of the runners’ up in the 538 burrito bracket.

We clean up nicely…

I can’t wait to get back on trail. While I’ve enjoyed the comforts that civilization has afforded us (running water, showers, toilets, hot food not made in a jetboil, and water on demand that I don’t have to carry on my back), the simplicity and adventure of life on the trail calls.  Also, going to bed at 8:30 with no apology.

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