Surrendering to Wanderlust

Wanderlust (n.): a strong, innate desire to roam or travel about.

For years we have played the “what if” game.  What if we quit our jobs to travel the world?  Where would we go?  What would we see?  What mystery street food would we eat?  Eventually, this game of “what if” became an obsession.  Figuring out the answer to these questions became a need.

In two weeks “what if” becomes our reality.  We have both quit our jobs.  Our apartment is (almost) empty and (mostly) packed into a storage unit.  We have a one-way plane ticket to Marrakesh via Stockholm.  Amid the final preparations, reality is starting to sink in.  After all of our “what if” planning, this is actually happening.

Our plan from here on out is simple.  There really isn’t one.  We have a rough idea of what we’d like to do and experiences we would like to have.  But, for now, none of this is concrete (much to our parents’ continued frustration).  The current “plan” is this: spend a couple days in Stockholm; fly to Marrakesh and spend a couple (three?) weeks exploring Morocco; hightail it to St. Jean Pied de Port across the Spanish/French border to hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago across Spain; and then… it’s unclear (Israel? Palestine? Jordan? Kilimanjaro?).  Eventually we would like to take the Tran-Siberian Railway across Russia, through Mongolia, to Beijing, at which point we can make our way down through Asia into Indonesia and the Philippines.

We plan to blog as we go — mainly as a way of documenting our trip for ourselves and also to assure our parents that we are still alive (we are!).  Only time (and maybe this blog) will tell where this journey will take us.

To wanderlust and living life without regrets!

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