Twenty Hours in Singapore

by Michael

Initially Singapore wasn’t on our travel plan. I had wanted to go because a friend from law school grew up there, but we knew it would be more expensive and we weren’t sure if we had the time. But it turned out that flights to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, were much cheaper from Singapore than from Kuala Lumpur. Since we were going part of the way from KL to Singapore by visiting Malacca, we figured we would add a couple days’ stop and see the city in the process of saving money.

Then we didn’t book our bus from Malacca to Singapore soon enough, so our couple days became about 20 hours. Fortunately, most of what we wanted to see was in a walkable central area, and transit connections to other areas were efficient. We found Singaporeans to be helpful and friendly whenever we asked. Our only surprise was that many small restaurants were cash only but there were no ATM’s around.


Towers with a boat on top.

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